The Quick Flick joins Élysée Collective’s portfolio

The Quick Flick is an innovative beauty brand, renowned for its collection of compact, time-saving and multi-functional beauty and makeup solutions for all ages and levels of experience.

Founded in 2017 by Iris Smit in response to her inability to draw the perfect (and matching) pair of wings to complete her beauty look, The Quick Flick grew from a love of beauty and design.

Entrepreneurial from a young age, despite a deep history of domestic abuse, Iris began coding websites at the age of 14 and by 16 owned a store selling vintage clothing on Etsy. 

Whilst studying a Bachelor of Science in Interiors Architecture from Curtain University, Iris thrived off the positive energy and happiness people got when an alternate solution or new approach to life was provided.

Always fond of beauty, wearing makeup as a form of expression and mirroring YouTube tutorials until early hours of the morning, Iris spent countless hours attempting to master a winged eyeliner ultimately deciding it was not her inability, but rather the tool she was using.

Motivated by change whilst challenging the way we traditionally think, The Quick Flick was founded with a single, now cult-like hero product – a winged eyeliner stamp that allows people to apply their eyeliner in a fraction of a second with no mistakes.

100% waterproof and smudge proof, The Quick Flick eyeliner is now available in four sizes carefully moulded to suit any eye shape, with the brand expanding its offerings to Flick Off!, a micellar water makeup remover for glowing clean skin and Quick Fix, a makeup eraser pen designed to help remove any unwelcomed residue.

Most recently, The Quick Flick has launched Quick Lash, a revolutionary adhesive eyeliner and false lash collection for fabulous, windproof lashes at home in an instant. Crafted in response to the lack of an accessible, easy to apply eyeliner that didn’t cause an allergic reaction, Quick Lash is an innovative alternative to mainstream non-magnetic lash applicators.

Proving that despite her past she is a success in her own right, Iris has created an innovative empire within the beauty space with a brand whose ethos champions innovation, integrity, community and expression whilst challenging traditional cosmetic application for effective beauty solutions. 

With a focus on empowering everyday people and representing all types of beauty whilst promoting self-love and acceptance, The Quick Flick fosters a powerful community on social media shifting perceptions around traditional beauty, highlighting makeup as self-expression rather than a cover for imperfections.

The Quick Flick and Quick Lash collections are cruelty free and 100% vegan and are available to shop online at