Beauty Fridge joins Élysée Collective’s portfolio

Beauty Fridge is the first mini fridge to launch in Australia exclusively dedicated to cold skincare – the practice of prolonging the life of products, minimising bacteria build up and enhancing their effectiveness by refrigeration.

Entrepreneur Iris Smit founded Beauty Fridge in 2019 as a natural progression into the world of skincare after her first innovative beauty brand The Quick Flick became a global phenomenon. The Quick Flick’s cult-like product is a winged eyeliner stamp that allows people to apply their eyeliner in a fraction of a second with no mistakes.

Pioneering the beauty industry whilst challenging the status quo, Beauty Fridge provides an alternative cooling storage solution to the common household fridge which can run below optimal temperature for skincare, causing active ingredients to be damaged by either freezing or breaking down completely.

Revolutionary in concept whilst accommodating multiple skincare needs, Beauty Fridge preserves the active ingredients in products extending the shelf life of skincare and cosmetics and reduces the presence of harmful bacteria. Cooler products calm and de-puff the skin, tightening pores for a soothing effect whilst a heating option conveniently warms wet towels and waxes.

Sleek, ultra-modern in design and available in two pastel colourways including soft pink and snow white, Beauty Fridge has since expanded to offer a complementary range of beauty tools including a rose quartz beauty roller used to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation and ease tension headaches whilst working to stimulate the lymphatic system helping to combat puffiness and water retention.

Proving that despite her past she is a success in her own right, Iris has created an innovative empire within the beauty space with a brand whose ethos champions innovation, integrity, community and expression whilst challenging traditional cosmetic application for effective beauty solutions.

With a focus on empowering everyday people and representing all types of beauty whilst promoting self-love and acceptance, Beauty Fridge fosters a powerful community on social media shifting perceptions around traditional beauty whilst transforming the approach to skincare, lifestyle and selfcare.

Beauty Fridge is available to shop at select Myer stores as well as online at