Aman launches new wellness brand SVA

For many years Aman has carefully paved the way for those seeking a healthier body, mind and soul at its restorative retreats across the globe. With extensive expertise in the field and following the success of Aman Skincare, Aman has launched a new wellness brand, SVA, which offers a range of holistic formulas developed to aid in maintaining optimum health in a modern and frenetic world.

Created with high quality all-natural ingredients, the name SVA has been derived from the Sanskrit word for health, svasthya, which signifies the universal wisdom of staying (stha) true to one’s own self (sva). Combining traditional knowledge with contemporary science and nutrition, SVA responds to those seeking Aman’s on-property equilibrium in everyday life.

Both natural and sustainable, SVA’s range of seven Chinese Herbal Formulas can help to support immunity, digestion, circulation and to sustain a healthy mind. Inspired by the study of herbal medicine, each formula is gluten-free, plant based and most importantly, can be easily integrated into the daily routine.

Exclusive to SVA, the brand’s signature product, Respiratory Support has been uniquely developed to help stimulate the respiratory system, which is particularly important when exposed to colds and flu. A hero formula, Respiratory Support has been designed to help maintain a healthy respiratory system in times of seasonal stress, when the immune system needs a boost. Meanwhile, six further classic formulas based on ancient Chinese remedies complete the range. Formulas Balance, Vitality, Uplift and Calm are accompanied by Immune Support which targets the lungs, using ingredients that fortify their normal function, where stimulation in turn helps to rebalance the immune system and Nourish, which supports the digestive system by targeting and stimulating the spleen in order to restore balance in the body’s everyday function.