Monthly Archives: May 2020

Philip Kingsley joins Élysée Collective’s portfolio

Renowned for their unparalleled expertise in trichology, the science of the hair and scalp, Philip Kingsley continues its legacy as an industry spearhead, bridging the gap between science and beauty with their holistic, hands-on approach to hair care. Founded on a rich timeline of brand history, Philip Kingsley launched in 1982, almost three decades after its… Read more »

The Quick Flick joins Élysée Collective’s portfolio

The Quick Flick is an innovative beauty brand, renowned for its collection of compact, time-saving and multi-functional beauty and makeup solutions for all ages and levels of experience. Founded in 2017 by Iris Smit in response to her inability to draw the perfect (and matching) pair of wings to complete her beauty look, The Quick… Read more »

Beauty Fridge joins Élysée Collective’s portfolio

Beauty Fridge is the first mini fridge to launch in Australia exclusively dedicated to cold skincare – the practice of prolonging the life of products, minimising bacteria build up and enhancing their effectiveness by refrigeration. Entrepreneur Iris Smit founded Beauty Fridge in 2019 as a natural progression into the world of skincare after her first… Read more »

Bawah Reserve introduces Elang Private Residence

Bawah Reserve, one of Indonesia’s most exclusive off-grid resorts, is set to launch Elang Private Residence. Opening in 2020, Elang is the second of Bawah Reserve’s six islands to be developed with the discerning earth-conscious traveller in mind.  Developed as the owner’s residence with a small village to accommodate family and friends, Elang offers an exclusive… Read more »