Soneva Launches its Changemakers Website for Earth Day

World-leading luxury resort Soneva has announced the launch of the Soneva Changemakers website in honour of Earth Day, April 22, 2019. The Changemakers website showcases staff led initiatives, including the protection of the fragile reef environment of the Maldives; waste-to-wealth creation from waste products, high value works of art from recycled glass; water sports activities with local communities to nurture the next generation of ocean stewards; and proactive recruitment drives to improve the career prospects of women working in the hospitality sector.

The Soneva Changemakers is a celebration of the power of the individual to make a difference and an innovative way to share the resorts’ sustainability performance. Visitors to the site will meet Ali Adil, Astronomer at Soneva Jani, who has been visiting the island since childhood and understands the symbiotic relationship between the mangroves and the crabs that make the island their home. Ellie Butler, Marine Biologist at Soneva Jani, explains her journey from saving dog fish as a child on the south coast of England to protecting turtles in the Indian Ocean. Gordon Jackson, Waste to Wealth Manager, gives an insight into how Soneva recycles 90 per cent of its solid waste and extracts USD 340,000 in value a year through an innovative approach to waste.

Fathimath Shaazleen, Resort Manager at Soneva Jani, celebrates the Maldivian women who are forging successful careers in hospitality in an industry where they are traditionally underrepresented. Rocket, the fisherman, takes us on a journey from his island home to the deep sea to practice sustainable pole and line fishing and bring back the catch that supplies the kitchens at Soneva Fushi.

Sonu Shivdasani, Soneva’s CEO said, “The real heroes of our sustainability initiatives are our employees, the committed and passionate individuals that make up Soneva and who are behind every positive figure in our sustainability reports. These are the Soneva Changemakers.”

Sitting alongside the Soneva Changemakers stories is the Soneva Total Impact Assessment (TIA). This is an accounting system that measures the company’s total impact on the planet. The underlying data and subsequent analysis of the TIA allows for more precise sustainability interventions in the company’s operations and supply chain.

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