Philip Kingsley joins Élysée Collective’s portfolio

Renowned for their unparalleled expertise in trichology, the science of the hair and scalp, Philip Kingsley continues its legacy as an industry spearhead, bridging the gap between science and beauty with their holistic, hands-on approach to hair care.

Founded on a rich timeline of brand history, Philip Kingsley launched in 1982, almost three decades after its founding father Philip Kingsley qualified as a Trichologist.

Whilst assisting his uncle in his London East End salon, Philip Kingsley recognised at this early age, the profound psychological significance of hair for both men and women. Acknowledging the importance hair has on one’s self-esteem, he dedicated his career to helping people achieve their very best hair possible.

During his time working at the fashionable Mayfair hair salon Riché by Hay Hill, Philip began the process of formulating his own products and in 1960 he rented his first Consulting rooms on Dorset St, London attending to the tresses of Sir Laurence Olivier, Terence Stamp and Jean Shrimpton, where slowly his clientele grew.

A dedicated approach to care and insightfulness led Philip Kingsley to accomplish many firsts in his field, such as encouraging hair health through nutrition and wellbeing and coining the phrase ‘bad hair day.’ However, Philip’s most famous triumph was the creation of the Elasticizer, the world’s first pre-shampoo conditioner for Audrey Hepburn herself.

Proving science and beauty really do go hand in hand, Philip Kingsley launched the Swimcap Cream for the U.S. Olympic Synchronised Swimming Team in 1984. This unprecedented expertise earned him many awards and accolades, with the New York Times coining him the Hair Guru, the Hair Wizard by Vogue and the Hair Doctor by the Sunday Times.

Philip’s passion and warmth for beauty and science inspired his daughter Anabel Kingsley to follow in his footsteps as the now Brand President and a respected Trichologist in her own right. Anabel is dedicated to continuing her father’s legacy into the next generation of hair care.

Today, Philip Kingsley Trichologists (hair and scalp specialists) continue to strive for an all-encompassing, hands-on approach to haircare by ensuring complete wellness for the hair and scalp from the inside out.

Offering bespoke appointments at either of their namesake clinics in New York and London, dedicated in-house Trichologists with decades of experience in treating the most problematic hair and scalp conditions, provide a comprehensive consultation addressing scalp and cosmetic concerns such as dry, unmanageable, limp hair and hair breakage.

Extending their ethical and transparent approach and highlighting the brand’s deep concern for the Earth’s future, Philip Kingsley launched their new sustainable packaging in 2019 using 100% renewable sugarcane bioplastic, a process chosen due to its carbon negative advantages. 

Committed to reviewing their portfolio of products to develop more sustainable, ethical alternatives, Philip Kingsley also chose to remove 95% of their cardboard cartons from shelves and are currently working on the remaining 5%. In the interim, they have switched to FSC-certified stock, supporting sustainable forestry.

The Philip Kingsley collection is now available in Australia at