Hermetica Fragrances launch at Becker Minty

Sustainable fragrance house Hermetica celebrated their Australian launch with a series of intimate press appointments, where the brand showcased their molecular and alcohol-free fragrance collection to only the most-esteemed beauty and lifestyle journalists at Becker Minty’s superb storefront in Potts Point.

Co-hosted by Hermetica’s Australian distributor Agence de Parfum, together with appointed luxury public relations agency Élysée Collective, the fragrance showcase was attended by Virginia Giacomazzi of Fragrances of the World, together with respected journalists from The Australian Financial Review, Vogue, Harper’s BAZAAR, Elle, GRAZIA, InStyle, Belle and Indulgence Australia.

The press showings took place over the course of four different time slots, allowing Agence de Parfum’s National Education Manager Michael Marzano to personally familiarize guests with the 14-piece collection in its entirety, enlightening press to the collection’s foundational fragrance, Source1, the moisturizing qualities of each formula and the art of layering in order to enhance the life of each scent.

Nothing short of comprehensive, Michael exampled the tempos of each fragrance collection and the significance of their speeds to ensure the integrity of each scent is never compromised, with a fragrance from each collection. Afterwards, guests were able to explore their favourite scents from the collection.

Complementing Hermetica’s emerald, gold colour scheme and eco-friendly branding, petite coconut-laden and lime-hued marshmallows offered a sweet touch to catering alongside organic Orchard St green juices, that provided the perfect refreshment to guests’ palates.

The Potts Point showroom was styled by renowned event florists The Bespoke Boys with an exquisite display of vibrant greenery and pops of crisp white florals which embellished the space perfectly. The Hermetica fragrances were showcased across two separate displays. As you walked into Becker Minty, a stunning gold, avant-garde metal frame housed one collection set across a number of shelves at differing heights. Nearby, a second set of the collection was exhibited across a glass table, with each fragrance displayed individually on sleek copper stands.

Hermetica fragrances are available in Australia at Agence De Parfum’s retail arm Libertine Parfumerie, online through www.libertineparfumerie.com.au, as well as other niche perfumeries in Australia and New Zealand.

For stockists, phone 02 8002 4488 or visit www.agencedeparfum.com.au for more information.