Clive Christian launches in Australia

Prestigious British perfume house Clive Christian celebrated the Australian launch of their highly original collection of perfumes with an exclusive lunch at Bennelong Restaurant in the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Famous prominently in the world of luxurious interiors, the Clive Christian journey began in the 1970s by transforming the utilitarian into the pleasurable. Where once kitchens were simply tool rooms, cooking merely functional, Clive Christian’s vision showed this room for what it was, the heart of the home, a social hub of art, warmth and conversation.


Beyond furniture, Clive Christian turned his unwavering focus and desire toward luxury fragrances, with a view to revive the industry by bringing the same artistic beauty and attention to detail that had made his interior designs so sought after.

Both following and paving the path of luxury, Clive Christian seized the opportunity to take ownership of the Crown Perfumery Company in 1999, and established Clive Christian Perfume. Truly a match formed in a hedonist’s heaven, an empire driven by splendour and British history, the house is the only perfumery given the right by Queen Victoria herself to use the image of her crown, in turn bestowing Clive Christian with the now world-renowned crown bottle-stoppers.

The iconic crown image only further symbolises Clive Christian’s exclusivity, regal essence and British pride, embellishing each hypnotic perfume scent with a touch of magnificence. The only demand behind each luxury fragrance was sheer perfection. The finest ingredients, the rarest temptations of the senses, exhilarating and enthralling all at once.

At the heart of Clive Christian Perfume lies the Original Collection which is the first to launch in Australia, a perfumery portfolio that encapsulates the very essence of the company and its rich heritage of creativity and craftsmanship. First launched in 1999, the collection features a trio of fragrances in both men’s and women’s versions, tailored to perfectly complement one another.

The breathtaking Sydney Harbour setting was chosen for the decadent showcase for the Clive Christian launch, where natural light and the reflective water offered the perfect backdrop for the revered house. In attendance was Margaret Khoury of Fragrance of the World, as well as editors from beauty and lifestyle publications including The Australian Financial Review, Vogue Australia, Marie Claire, Indulgence, Gourmet Traveller, Executive Style, GQ Australia, Belle and Sunday Life.

Guests indulged on Bennelong’s menu created by famed executive chef Peter Gilmore, whilst Nick Smart of Agence de Parfum enlightened guests with anecdotes from Clive Christian’s rich heritage, drawing on historical touch points that make the house so special.

Complementing Bennelong’s rich interiors, a decadent display of exquisite florals in crisp white and lush greenery with accents of gold spilled down the two long-tables, surrounded by fragrances from the Original Collection for guests to experience throughout the event.

Clive Christian fragrances are available in Australia at select David Jones department stores, Libertine Parfumerie and its online store, and Peony Melbourne.