Aman Announces launch of Aman Skincare

Embodying, celebrating and inspired by the constellation of hotels and resorts, Aman has announced the launch of a skincare collection, Aman Skincare. Introducing 30 products in honour of the brands 30th anniversary, Aman Skincare is formulated using exotic natural, rare and precious ingredients, many of which have been wild-harvested in various Aman destinations.

The new skincare collection – which comprises hydrating face creams and serums, nourishing face masks, uplifting body oils, calming milk baths and pulse-point remedies – represents the spirit of Aman, offering a soothing journey to a place of beautifully scented repose and respite from the everyday grind.

The sense of peace, the intrinsic connection with its beguiling locations, and the becalming architecture for which Aman is so renowned, define the design aesthetic for the collection’s bottles and jars. Masterfully blended by acclaimed architect, Kengo Kuma, has taken Aman’s Eastern roots and channelled them into striking vessels, creating a beautifully crafted reimagining of Japanese porcelain.

For more than 30 years, Aman has created an opportunity for guests to cast aside quotidian distractions and explore the possibilities of a better, more wholly nourished self from a place of serenity. From jungle to desert, countryside to city, Aman welcomes its guests into a comforting and holistic space to connect body and mind. The new Aman Skincare collection inspires a similar journey following the three distinct pathways that harness the natural settings of Aman’s locations: mountains and deserts, Grounding and earthy in their essence; oceans and seas – fresh, Purifying and fluid; nature, forests and lush greenery – Nourishing and renewing in the energy they offer.

The word Aman means “peace” in Sanskrit. Aman has elevated the idea of the resort as a sanctuary of peace to an apogee of healing and calm, offering a naturally inspired holistic approach to wellbeing. It has approached creating skincare with the same rigour, values and integrity as it does running its sanctuaries: with much meticulousness, supremely high standards and the greatest respect for the bounties of the natural world.

The Aman Skincare collection is informed by ancient wellness traditions and specifically formulated to combine the treasures of the Earth with truly transformative efficacy. The precious ingredients utilised include pearls, homeopathic metals, healing tree oils, amethyst, jade, frankincense and palo santo, in addition to alkalising, oxygen-rich spring water, wild-harvested Amazon butters and rainforest muds.

Sandalwood, a precious, healing oil with a soft, embracing aroma, is the unifying ingredient found throughout the Aman Skincare collection. It has been used for centuries in the Ayurvedic system of medicine thanks to its ability to help calm, soothe and centre.

The ethereal Aman spirit, which instils a sense of peace and belonging and provides a home away from home has come full circle: now, you can finally bring Aman home.

Aman Skincare is exclusively sold online via and across the collection in the resort boutiques.